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OPI are a world leader in the nail care industry and have been transforming fingernails for years with their chip-resistant high-quality products, long-lasting colours, and salon results. At lookfantastic, we have a range of OPI nail products available including polishes, files, dry drops, nail and cuticle oils and creams, as well as treatments and sprays, to keep your hands, cuticles and nails in tip-top shape.

It's so frustrating when you try to do your nails at home and end up with streaks of polish along the nails, or you accidentally smudge the polish almost straight away. It's essential to have the right nail care routine to ensure the best results.

Cuticles are often forgotten about, so using a cuticle oil and cream to help protect and strengthen them is necessary. We use our hands all day long, so applying a hand, nail and cuticle cream regularly will keep your hands nourished and moisturised.

An at-home mani and pedi experience should go something like this. Prepare the nails by removing any existing polish. Trim and file the nails, apply cuticle oil, carefully push the cuticles back, and get rid of any hangnails. Wash your hands to remove the oil, and apply an OPI base coat. A base coat helps prime the nail surface and increases polish adhesion.

Then, apply two coats of the OPI polish of your choice, and let it dry for a few minutes in between coats. Lastly, apply an OPI top coat, which seals the nail polish in, achieving longer wear and higher shine. Apply some more cuticle oil for added hydration. You'll be impressed with the results!

So, whether you're after a neutral shade of polish, or if a bolder colour is more your style, our wide range of OPI products means there is something available for everyone.

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