Velour Lashes

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Want your makeup look to have more impact? Velour Lashes are the answer. When it comes to eyelashes, quality is key, both to ensure your look is natural and that your eyes are well-cared for.

Velour Lashes, founded by Mabel Lee, have been designed to be just this. Since its creation, Velour Lashes have been sourcing only the softest materials to create their outstanding lashes. Every Velour lash has been created with premium, innovative and soft lash fibres. Not only does this give your eyes the most comfortable wear possible, but the material also mimics natural eyelashes to give you a voluminous and life-like look.

Better yet, these lashes have been designed to be long-lasting. Because they are made with only the finest materials, Velour Lashes last. In fact, Velour Lashes can be worn, on average, 25+ times. Whether you are a pro when it comes to false lashes or it's your first time, Velour Lashes are incredibly easy to apply, making them the perfect choice no matter your experience.

With a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and materials, Velour Lashes have exactly what you're looking for. Make your face stand out from the crowd with Velour Lashes from LOOKFANTASTIC.
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