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Forget what you thought you knew about sanitiser, and treat your hands to Plantworx. When you think of hand sanitiser, you may think of a sticky substance that struggles to dry and causes your skin to become flaky and sensitive. Plantworx are pioneers in the hand sanitiser industry and have created a product that is both extremely effective and nourishing to the skin.

Plantworx hand sanitiser kills 99.9% germs and is a certified A hospital-grade antibacterial hand sanitiser. This means you can confidently use Plantworx hand sanitiser, as it will help you to eliminate harmful bacteria from your hands. Once applied Plantworx sanitiser is immediately effective and dries within 30 seconds. This ensures you are not left with a sticky feeling on your hands and can continue with your daily tasks and duties instantly. Hand sanitiser air dries, so this product does not need to be washed or rinsed off.

The formulation of Plantworx sanitiser is fragrance-free, vegan and eco-friendly so can be used by individuals with sensitive skin without causing irritation. It is also enriched with four moisturisers, to ensure your hands are not only left clean, but ultra-soft and nourished. The hydrating formula is tough on germs but gentle on your skin and ensures you are never left with dry or flaky patches on your hands.

Plantworx products are certified organic and available in multiple sizes, making them ideal for both home use and travel. The smaller product sizes are perfect for keeping in a work, gym or evening bag, to ensure you can keep your hands clean at all times. You may wish to place the larger product by your desk or in another area of your home or workplace where you do not have access to clean soapy water.

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