Take a seat, OLAPLEX class is now in session. We’ve created a guide for the OLAPLEX newbie, breaking down each of our products and how they help your hair.

2021-07-30 06:07:57 By Amanda


Our complete guide to clean beauty

2021-07-01 06:12:06By Amanda


8 best shiny hair products for dull, dry hair

If dry or dull hair is the scourge of achieving your desired look, fear not, because there are a range of products designed specifically to enliven dull and dry hair types, restoring that amazing shine and vibrancy. In this blog, we look at ten of the best,

2021-03-30 00:42:38By Amanda


10 best serums for oily skin 2021

Oily, greasy skin. It can look as horrible as it feels. This type of skin can stem from poor diet, your environment, genetics and even some forms of medication. Luckily, there are changes which we can make that negate the problem. One of the easiest, most convenient oily skin combatants are serums which we can apply daily. Here we look at ten of the best.

2021-03-30 02:12:05 By Amanda

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