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Studies show that our sense of smell is more strongly linked with our memories than any other sense. A hint of perfume can invoke wonderful memories from decades past, and set the tone for each stage of your life. Looking to find your next signature scent and build unforgettable memories? Whether you prefer floral, natural or fruity scents, you'll find something to suit your tastes in lookfantastic's carefully curated range of fragrances for her.

We stock perfumes and colognes from leading fragrance brands including Clinique, philosophy and PAYOT. If you prefer subtle, simple scents, try a pure eau de toilette. With a more delicate scent than traditional perfumes, eau de toilette sprays invoke feelings of calm and sensuality as you move through the day. Our range includes scents inspired by florals, femininity and greenery to delight the senses and restore an air of freshness to your soul.

To truly invigorate and purify the body and mind, try a water-based perfumed mist. Hydrating mists gently soothe, moisturise and perfume the skin and are easy to reapply throughout the day without overwhelming the senses. Choose a product low in alcohol content to avoid damage to your delicate skin.

For a stronger, aromatic fragrance, choose an eau de toilette imbued with elegant fruity notes like lemon, chamomile or sage. These sophisticated fragrances are designed to gently linger throughout the day and leave a lasting impression.

Looking to stay fresh and smell great on the go? Choose a compact body spritzer to slip into your handbag for easy reapplication throughout the day. A product imbued with youthful hints of coconut, vanilla and rose will act as the perfect pick-me-up after a long day.

No matter which feminine scent you prefer, you'll find your new signature scent in lookfantastic's range of high-quality, refreshing and invigorating fragrances for her.

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