All evo® packaging is 100% recyclable. It’s a simple choice. Wherever possible evo® uses recycled materials for printed promotional items. The recycled paper may not be quite as cheap or look quite as good but choosing recycled paper is an easy contribution to make to reducing environmental impact. Where possible, evo® uses natural ingredients and will continue to reformulate and substitute synthetics with naturals when an equivalent is available. evo® is not tested on animals.

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Evo Natural prides itself on being different from other beauty brands. They have described their mission as being innovative yet simple, and create products that are uncomplicated yet luxurious. Evo was born out of a desire to shake up the haircare industry, and its mission has always been to create beauty products that 'respect the people and the planet'.

Evo prides itself on being eco-friendly. The company has a low to zero waste approach, meaning that their packaging is made from recycled material. Labels are open, honest, and all products do exactly what they claim. A cruelty-free company, most of Evo's haircare products are vegan.

There are Evo hair products available for every kind of hair. If you have hard-to-manage curly hair, follow their hair care routine and rinse your hair once a week with the 'Spring-clean deep clean rinse', following it up with the 'Curl treatment' and 'Curl definer'.

If you suffer from dry hair, Evo offers a wide variety of hydrating shampoos, conditioners and treatments to moisturise and re-invigorate your dull hair. LOOKFANTASTIC also offers a number of Evo hair paddle brushes that can help manage even the most frizzy and unruly tresses.

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