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Today's fashion is all about the hair, from expressing yourself with rainbow shades to ombres and highlights. For decades, coloured hair has been left uncared for but Color WOW is here to help. With innovative and unique products serving all your hair's unmet beauty needs, welcome to your new haircare problem solver at Color WOW. Their mission is to keep your hair conditioned and textured, offering a radically different collection that brightens blonde and fights frizz.

"Chemical dependency" is at an all-time high. As the way we treat hair advances, our products demand new levels of caring technology. Nourishing natural beauty is at the heart of Color WOW's range. Born out of necessity, each of their product's stems from the concerns, worries and everyday struggles their customers' voice when it comes to caring for colour-treated hair. With their professional, salon-grade standard made accessible to anyone, these products come with the quality-assurance of meeting your haircare needs.

Cleanse and wash with their sulphate free shampoos to give your hair a clean slate. Counteract those adverse effects of dryness and dullness with a hydrating conditioner. Use Color WOW's treatment and styling range to coax your hair into shape. With quick and easy results, their products leave you feeling confident and ready to face the day.

Solve the universal problem of dreaded roots with their original range of products to cover up roots between salon visits. With their easy-care, hassle-free approach, you'll be looking fabulous in no time.

Make caring for your colour a part of your everyday routine with Color WOW's worldwide, award-winning brand, spanning over 60 countries. Named 'Best Hair Innovation 2014' by Harper's Bazaar UK, Color WOW's fantastic range of products are here for your hair and beauty necessities. While salons help create your colour, keep your hair saying 'WOW'.

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