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The word balm immediately suggests a calmness in our soul, but as a body or lip balm it can also promote a soothing and cooling response to the harshness of our climate or the environment where you work or play. At lookfantastic, we carefully select a range of specific care balms to deliver some truly soothing solutions for your skin and lifestyle.

You might want to remove the effects of the day with a subtle cleansing balm. A repair balm can start to deal with the process of bringing your skin back to its full freshness. Some of our choices can add a glow as well as offer gentle soothing.

It's true that the many hours of sunshine that are so much a part of our Australian lifestyle are a great accompaniment to what we love to do. The other side of that coin also means that we need to take protective care of our skin as we enjoy our time spent outdoors. At lookfantastic, we want to let you know that your good health is always a key consideration in our choice of skin balm products.

We offer great choices to use at night, allowing your hours of sleep to be part of the restorative process. Our collection also pays special attention to those key areas around your eyes, helping to ensure that the age-defying brightness of your smile can remain undiminished.

Our wide range of balms help the skin on your face and neck to benefit from four truly vital Rs: recover, refresh, revitalise and repair. And, of course, we treat your lips as a priority, with balms that smell and taste delicious and work so well at delivering the supple and hydrated results that add much comfort to any day.

So why not check out our great range of balms, each delivering specific benefits, and for all age ranges!

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